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We're dedicated to shielding your corporate email and domains from spoofing and unauthorized use. By securing your digital assets, we ensure your business remains safe and trustworthy.


Assess and Score

Before our first call, we will analyze one domain of your choosing for spoofing susceptibility. On the call, we will share the results and provide a free plan for remediation. This plan will provide the exact steps necessary to prevent your domain from being spoofed!


Corporate Domain Spoof Remediation

In an effort to make it as simple and painless as possible, we can provide flexible consulting for your IT and/or Marketing team providing as much or as little support as needed. Our goal is to ensure protection and synergy with existing email platforms and functionality.


Enhance Email Defense

While there are many cloud services that specialize in Email Security and Defense, it can be difficult to configure them optimally for email delivery and security. This is where we can help. Here we review your email service and spam filter configuration to ensure only legitimate emails make it to your employees.


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"We were skeptical because of our situation, but we couldn't be happier with the outcome."

- Les (Indianapolis, IN)

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"The Lead IT team is knowledgeable and exceptional at what they do."

- Brett (Tampa, FL)

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Lead IT is a privately owned and operated IT Agency specializing in cloud and modern IT solutions. We have over a decade of experience helping customers of all sizes and industries. We help businesses get to the next level with the right IT Systems and Solutions.

Stephen Smith

Founder and President

 I have developed a passion for solving complex problems and creating solutions. Continually leveraging the knowledge accumulated from almost 10 years in the IT industry to help companies succeed.

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